• Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on the size of the house and the type of treatment we are conducting. This will usually be confirmed when booking. We use equipment that has the capability of doing large surface areas such as schools, nursing homes, sporting facilities, so for a residential, the time allocation is usually 1 hour.

Everest prides itself on only using the most modern and up-to-date products on the market. All our products are rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for use in your home.

It is vital that there is no skin contact with the products whilst it is being applied. Drying time varies between 2 and 4 hours depending on the weather and ventilation. Once the products are dry it is completely safe to run around barefoot.

This varies according to the treatment. Most people find that one annual treatment is sufficient to control against cockroaches.

We are careful not to contaminate any food either in the garden or inside your home. It is not necessary to clear away your bowl of fruit or do any special cleaning of your kitchen before preparing your food.

Please DO NOT SPRAY WITH FLYSPRAY. For some reason, almost all of our callers who have found termites instinctively spray with fly spray. Unfortunately this is the worst thing you can possibly do because as termites are very shy creatures they will automatically retreat when they see light. If they are sprayed, they can retreat and hide making it almost impossible to work out the species of termite and how to treat them. In most cases they will pop up somewhere else in the house and you may be unaware that are continuing to eat your home. Whenever you see evidence of termites, it is always best to get a professional in to conduct a comprehensive termite inspection.

It is recommended that every home North of Canberra has a termite inspection conducted every 12 months. Please understand no house is insured for termites and if they go undetected for a few years, they are able to create serious damage.